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PremiumWare Reports Dual Record Benchmarks Eminent; 2 Million Premium Audits to be Cumulatively Processed Industry Wide and 1 Million Audits Processed on a Single Client System 


World Record Result Demonstrates Leading Scale-out Performance, Price/Performance, Effective Design, with Leadership in premium audit business units utilizing PremiumWare Enterprise Systems.

PremiumWare is poised to pass the 2 million processed audit mark within the next 90 days.  This record will be set utilizing the latest version of PremiumWare Enterprise Systems 9.0. The latest version of the PremiumWare family of products is evolutionary and has in been in continuous and effective use at our clients for over 10 years allowing unmatched effectiveness at client companies.  The benchmark not only sets a new industry record, but also reflects the power of Premium Audit business units running the PremiumWare operating system in the premium audit process.  This benchmark also reflects the ability of PremiumWare to scale and perform long term like no other application available in the industry.  This announcement comes on the heels of the recent record single-system benchmark, which PremiumWare will be the first to surpass 1 million audits in a single company system as well.


Unmatched Price/Performance

The PremiumWare Enterprise system with a price/performance ratio unmatched in the industry provides verified efficiency and time service benefits also unequaled in the industry1.  The result is many times better than any other enterprise package available and delivers better price/performance with the proven benefit of exemplary PremiumWare support and service.  The 2 million Audit benchmark will be achieved at several client entities to achieve this record setting milestone. "This is a major milestone in the history of Enterprise Premium Auditing software," said Guy Dragoo, Head of National Sales at PremiumWare. “We have now shown that PremiumWare can deliver the world's best transaction processing performance and reliability while operating with some of the largest volume systems in the country."  PremiumWare has a strong history in performance/reliability leadership and is now extending it to price/scalability leadership in the insurance industry2.

PremiumWare offers customers the choice, scalability, and availability to meet their most demanding needs, from the large proven installations to the small regional carriers.  Today's benchmark result, coupled with recent records, solidifies the leadership position of PremiumWare systems in providing customers the ultimate in flexibility, performance and low total cost of ownership regardless of whether customers operate large or small scale premium audit installations.  With the addition of innovative web products and transaction based pricing, insurance companies can have their cake and eat it too.  This world record is another prime example of how PremiumWare is partnering with industry to drive industry-standard time service, quality and efficiency to new levels with unmatched proven performance and reliability.

This data demonstrates the flexibility of PremiumWare based systems.  PremiumWare is also the only system in the country to be operating on the same SQL database and Windows platform for the last 10 years.  The flexible PremiumWare design and implementation is shown by the loyalty of our customer base and the fact that we have never had a customer leave the PremiumWare enterprise…again defining our ability to deliver and perform for our quality/reliability concerned insurance company leading customers over the long haul.  As IT/Premium Audit managers look to find the most competitive solutions for their enterprise needs, we believe they will have no comparable application for proven results for performance, manageability, cost/benefit, and proven long term results.


About PremiumWare

PremiumWare, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, founded in 1989.  PremiumWare offers a unique blend of real world experience and future insight to provide technologically advanced premium audit products and services.  A team of dedicated, experienced programmers supports PremiumWare with a background in national banking, insurance, and mission critical programming.  Additionally, the experienced technical staff at PremiumWare integrate their engineering and programming background in fault tolerant design and distributed database experience to produce the most reliable, robust and most used Windows and Internet system available today. 

Information on PremiumWare can be found at www.premiumware.com or by contacting PremiumWare directly at 817.375.9898.

1 See whitepaper/analysis Audit Data Integrity.

2 See whitepaper/analysis Workflow Automation Brings Efficiency Breakthrough.


About ISN, InsuranceServiceNet

ISN, InsuranceServiceNet - Headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and co-located with PremiumWare and LossWare offices, is an Application Service Provider (ASP) supporting a nationwide network of premium audit and loss control service companies and carriers. Based on proven PremiumWare and LossWare software applications, the ISN solution delivers a cost effective means for carriers and fee service companies to effectively manage work assignments regionally and nationally achieving unprecedented operational efficiency and profitability. Supported by a team of dedicated and experienced programmers, ISN provides the most reliable, robust and fault tolerant ASP system for the accomplishment of premium audit and loss control available today. Information on InsuranceServiceNet can be found at www.insuranceservicenet.com or by contacting ISN directly at 817.375.9898.

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