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InsuranceServiceNet to be Introduced at ISOTech 2003 Conference

November 14, 2003 DALLAS/FORT WORTH, TX Ė

DALLAS/FORT WORTH, TX Ė InsuranceServiceNet, a leading provider of online premium audit and data processing services, will be introducing their newest offering of on-line premium auditing solutions at the 2003 ISOTech Conference on November 2 - 6 at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Members of InsuranceServiceNet's team will be on hand to discuss leveraging a carrier's existing technology investment highlighting their deep understanding and expertise in the areas of applied technology and solving some of the most fundamental problems facing audit organizations today.

InsuranceServiceNet will be available to speak with you about the issues that most concern you and your organization for the present and future in regards to premium audit and how you or your company may better serve itís clients and customers.

Business units and service providers will experience an overall boost to their effectiveness by completely consolidating fragmented management, reporting and assignment systems. The system's inherent scalability combined with its use of a secure, encrypted Internet browser front-end provides all users with flexible nationwide coverage. Carrier business units will enjoy ISN's end to end automation linking legacy systems and all associated business units increasing not only the premium audit or loss control business unitís ability to effectively respond to work assignments, but also underwriting, claims and billing. Service companies will enjoy many of the same automation benefits and work assignments will no longer be delayed by reliance on conventional paper documents. Integrated reporting features provide effective field staff management, enhanced carrier communication and streamlined billing. The automated ISN network provides a secure framework for carrier business units and service contractors to act as a single workforce providing required information, management and reporting as needed to each authenticated user.


About ISN, InsuranceServiceNet 

ISN, InsuranceServiceNet  - Headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX and co-located with PremiumWare and LossWare offices, is an Application Service Provider (ASP) supporting a nationwide network of premium audit and loss control service companies and carriers. Based on proven PremiumWare and LossWare software applications, the ISN solution delivers a cost effective means for carriers and fee service companies to effectively manage work assignments regionally and nationally achieving unprecedented operational efficiency and profitability. Supported by a team of dedicated and experienced programmers, ISN provides the most reliable, robust and fault tolerant ASP system for the accomplishment of premium audit and loss control available today. Information on InsuranceServiceNet can be found at www.insuranceservicenet.com or by contacting ISN directly at 817.375.9898.

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