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This privacy statement explains the procedures followed by ISN Inc. in collecting and using information regarding
visitors to this Web site. The type of information collected will vary depending upon the portions of the site which
you visit and, in certain instances, which you voluntarily disclose.


Basic Viewing

If you read or download any pages on a ISN Inc. site, we automatically collect and store:

In addition to using this information to send the requested site pages to your computer, we use this information
(i) to monitor the performance of our Web server and diagnose system problems and to otherwise administer our system and
(ii) to provide collective demographic and user profile data on visitors to our site.

Any usage of on-line chat or newsgroup sessions is considered a public usage and you assume responsibility for any
information or content which you submit.

Users Who Register

Some ISN Inc. sites include a registration page. This page is optional if you are simply browsing our site. Visitors may
complete a registration form to be added to our distribution list(s) to receive ISN e-mail newsletter and information about 
ISN products and services. We may also contact you for other marketing purposes.

However, in order to use our online ordering procedure or to access secure pages (such as training or online resources)
or to download product demos, visitors must register.

E-Mail Users

If you send us an e-mail or respond to the Contact Us section, in addition to the general visitor information, we also will
record your e-mail address and any other personal information included with your message. We will use this information
to respond to your message and may add your address to an e-mail distribution list used to announce new products or to
update the status of other products or otherwise contact you for marketing purposes.

Online Demo Users

If you access or download a software or other product demo, in addition to the general visitor information, we will collect and
store your name and e-mail address and other information on the registration form. This information will be incorporated into
one or more ISN database(s). We may use this information to send you solicitations for ISN products and make other marketing contacts.

Online Training Participants

Individuals taking training exams on line will have been given a unique password. This password will be connected to
personal information required for identification of the test taker as required by the course administrator and the continuing
education authorities of the specific jurisdiction. In addition to the general visitor information (which, for the visit to the site
when you either order or take the test, may be linked to your personal identifying test information), if you ordered the test
online, such order data will be recorded as provided above and will be linked to the test administration data. We may use
composite demographic or profile data for our own internal research, including test development, and when dealing with
continuing education providers and certification authorities.


Basic Viewing

For visitors who only read or download pages from a ISN site, no individual identifying data is shared outside of ISN.

Registered Viewers

Visitors who register may be included in one or more ISN customer database(s).
This data will not be shared or sold to third parties

E-Mail Users

Parties who send us an e-mail or respond to the Contact Us section may be included in one or more ISN customer database.
This data will not be shared or sold to third parties.

Online Demo Users

Parties who sample products or order on-line will have certain information entered in one or more ISN database(s).
Information in ISN customer databases will not be shared or sold to third parties.

Online Training Participants

Data gathered as a general visitor to a ISN site will not be shared. Users who have questions as to the specific data to
be provided in any given case, should contact ISN before registering for a training program or test.


Users who do not wish ISN to retain customer data information may request that their name not be retained either by
so indicating when registering at this site or submitting an on-line order or by contacting us later to ask that their name
be deleted from any such retained lists. This can be done by contacting ISN by any of the means given under the
heading CHANGE/MODIFY. Also, ISN customers who do not wish to receive future communications on ISN products
or services may contact us by those same means to have your name deleted from ISN customer lists. Such changes
normally will be effective with list usages beginning 10 business days after we receive your request, although in some
cases it may take longer. This will not affect lists used before the changes are entered.


A "cookie" is a small data file that is sent to your browser when you access a web site.   ISN cookies will contain a
unique user ID that tracks the pages you have visited. This user ID is used only for the operation of the cookie and is
not provided to any third party. A cookie file cannot read other data from your hard disk or read cookie data created by
other sites. ISN uses cookies primarily to facilitate your visit through our sites and to help us improve our sites. ISN
also will use cookie data in operating its on-line ordering and product demo functions as well as in granting access
to secure pages.

If you prefer not to receive cookies from ISN sites, you should set your browser to alert you before accepting cookies
or to otherwise block cookies. You do not have to have cookies turned on to use most areas of a ISN Inc. site.
However, you will not be able to view product samples or demos or use various other functions.


As a convenience for our users, ISN sites may contain links to third party sites. These sites are not under the control
of ISN and are not covered by ISN's privacy policy. Once you link to another site, you are subject to the privacy policy
of that new site. (Check the URL in the location bar on your Web browser.)


ISN is committed to taking reasonable steps to protect any individual identifying information that you provide to us.


If you have any questions about the accuracy of information on a ISN Inc. site, you may contact us to confirm or
correct any individual identifying information as follows:

Any other questions regarding this site or this policy should be directed to ISN. .


ISN reserves the right to revise these terms at any time by updating this posting. Even though you may have visited
this site before, any access is subject to the then current terms and you are responsible for checking for any updates.
However, the prior terms will continue to apply to any information submitted under such policy.

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