Insurance Service Net

A Nationwide Network of
Premium Audit and Loss Control
Service Companies and Carriers.


ISN provides a Web-based solution that links you directly to high-quality premium audit and loss control vendors. An easy-to-use web-based application lets you order, track, and retrieve premium audits and loss surveys from vendors countrywide.

Using ISN, you can:  

 Order premium audits and loss surveys for any size policy

 Review and track your full inventory of ordered and completed assignments by vendor

 On-line access to assignment inventory with detailed status reporting

 Create management reports to keep on top of vendor costs and activity  

 View and print your completed audit and survey reports

As a Carrier, General Agent or TPA, you can order, track, and retrieve audit and survey assignment on-line, directly from your own ISN-affiliated vendors, streamlining how you manage fee business. With ISN, you cut the administrative costs of working with vendors, because you can manage the entire process with an easy-to-use web-based application. Your vendors can provide you with status reports and deliver your completed assignments right from the ISN service. Outsourcing has never been this efficient ó or easy. (ISN), is the nation's premier online, transaction-based premium audit and loss control service. This new service leverages technology, workflow design expertise and the Internet as never before representing a major paradigm shift in premium audit and premium audit services. With ISN, a companyís existing computers and Internet connection are all that is required. Every aspect of this new system has been designed to provide the most cost-effective premium audit and loss control business unit workflow management and reporting tools available for use by companies of any size.

Every company must cost justify start-up and on-going support costs when considering the implementation of new or expanded business services. InsuranceServiceNet addresses this issue directly with its straight forward, convincing cost-benefit justification. InsuranceServiceNet users completely avoid substantial capitalized expenses and recurring support fees leveraging system benefits for a major economic advantage over their industry peersí. By taking complete control over marginal support costs and no longer being constrained by convention economic barriers, these business units will be able to concentrate fully on their primary function.

End to end business unit automation, linking legacy systems and all associated business units, has increased not only the premium audit and loss control business unitís ability to effectively respond to work assignments, but also underwriting, claims and  billing. Automated workflow now replaces all possible manual steps. Inter-dependent corporate divisions are able to immediately access information and no longer forced to add delays to their processing cycle time.

Business units and service providers will experience an overall boost to their effectiveness by completely consolidating fragmented management, reporting and assignment systems. The systemís inherent scalability combined with its use of a secure, encrypted Internet browser front-end provides flexible nationwide coverage. Automated system interfaces translate multiple input data, forms and formats. Enterprises use these interfaces to eliminate manual entry or handling steps as a result of incompatible forms or incomplete support documentation.

Based on documented operational results, system users can anticipate increased efficiency and overall effectiveness unmatched by any other options. No other application provides the bulletproof integrity, systems support and unmatched return on investment. For those companies interested in increasing business unit return, a detailed cost-benefit analysis is available by contacting ISN.

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